Enjoy learning languages with music

Discover a new and fun way to learn English and other languages by playing with the videos and lyrics of your favorite songs.

How it works

It's very easy and fun, just play a song and enjoy testing your listening comprehension by filling in the gaps in the song lyrics as fast as you can. Let your brain do the rest.

  • Enhance your listening

    Enhance your listening

    Train your brain to recognize the words and sounds of foreign languages. Listening to different accents and pronunciations gives your brain more flexibility.

  • Expand your vocabulary

    Expand your vocabulary

    Learning new words and expressions in the context of song lyrics can be more effective than memorizing endless lists of isolated words or phrases.

  • Boost your grammar

    Boost your grammar

    According to experts, true language acquisition does not require the conscious use of grammatical rules. Gradually digest them with daily practice.

  • Get better pronunciation

    Get better pronunciation

    Your favorite songs get stuck in your head, just try singing them in karaoke mode and you will see that your pronunciation improves quickly.

Music and learning

Music and learning

Multiple studies have shown that music stimulates learning and promotes memorization in a natural way, just like when we were kids. Music has the power to shape your brain to make learning other languages easier and smoother.

Time to play!

  • Different game modes

    Select the correct option, type the missing words or just enjoy the karaoke mode.

  • Translate any word or expression

    If you can't guess the meaning of a word or expression, use our built-in translator.

  • Compete with others

    Get the best score by competing against users from all over the world or challenge your friends.

  • Level up and check your progress

    Practice daily, build a routine and improve like never before to reach your goals.

User feedback

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It is amazing tool, in order to improve your listening.
Andrea Millan
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Amazing app. The best way to learn a language in a relaxed way.
Ronare Lopes
Google Play
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Just found what I have been looking for! Thanks for the great app and for making it possible to learn languages through an effective and fun way!
Pardis Hemmati
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It is fantastic guys! You deserve more than five a stars. It is helping me a lot. I can hear my favorite songs, play with lyrics and increase my vocabulary.
Washington Silva
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Addictive! Great for listening training!
Murilo Boas
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Excellent app to learn English with lyrics.
Douglas Barcelos
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Love this way of learning how to recognize and pronounce European Portuguese. Signed up for the paid version and very happy with the app.
Jenni Raath
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